Typical Projects

While each project is unique, iQue Group and our consultant team has a wealth of experience in areas such as the following.

Executive & Leadership Development

Assess leadership development needs and build leadership strategy and development approaches; create varied, practical approaches to development (e.g., coaching, on-the-job experience, change resilience, etc.); plan and execute team development strategies and approaches.

Talent Review, Succession Management & High Potential Development

Create integrated, streamlined approach to identifying and assessing high potential talent; implement practical approach to succession planning; identify development strategies to accelerated high potential development.

Organizational Design & Development

Align the strategy of the organization with its structure – helping match the form of the organization with the work people perform; conduct organization assessment to identify structural needs; create structures focused on reducing silos and driving collaboration and business results; establish job profiles to communicate expectations; support implementation of new structure through execution.

Curriculum Mapping, Alignment and Development

Review current curriculum; assess its alignment with business needs/job roles; update curriculum for improved alignment with organizational goals.

Evaluation Analysis and Metrics

Develop/conduct surveys; develop/update assessment instruments; score/analyze/report on results; measure training effectiveness using Kirkpatrick’s model; coordinate data collection, database management, technical development; develop measurement SOPs.

elearning Consulting, Development and Management

Review existing programs; create elearning strategies/recommendations and solutions; manage RFPs, vendor pilots, system integration, maintenance for custom and off-the-shelf elearning.

Process Re-engineering

Leverage business process engineers to analyze current learning and development processes; recommend process changes/improvements.

Project/Program Fulfillment (Staffing)

Match resources to specific project requests, short- or long-term; can include placement of performance consultants, instructional designers, project managers, other resources.

New Media Consulting

Conduct readiness study to assess feasibility/value of delivering content electronically to mobile workforce; recommend changes needed to utilize new media; leverage experts in technology-driven learning, social media, virtual worlds and virtual classrooms.

Change Management

Optimize success of various types of interventions (e.g., new organization design, leadership development programs, new succession process, LMS implementation, etc.) by creating and implementing change management plans that help transition the organization from its current state to its future state – resulting in increased adoption of the change and business outcomes.

Needs Assessment

Conduct assessment/analysis to ensure the identified learning need is the true root cause; use results to optimize program success and reduce costs/timelines.

Product Launches

Develop/deliver learning content to support new product launches (pharmaceutical, biotech, other industries).

National Sales Meetings

Design sales meeting workshops; develop materials; conduct train-the-trainer sessions.

New Hire On-Boarding

Create/modify/manage new hire on-boarding programs; tailor programs to the learning needs of new hires, develop curriculum; handle scheduling and program management.