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    Business results skyrocket when people get the right learning at the right time to meet their development needs. iQue Group content experts can deliver standard or customized workshops at your location and according to your schedule. We provide the content and the facilitator, and you provide the venue and the participants.

    Today we offer pre-packaged workshops in the following areas, but check back frequently because we’re always adding new areas!

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  • Business Acumen

    Build a knowledgeable workforce.

    In today's uncertain business climate, every company in the world needs its employees to have a firm grasp of the organization's strategy and how it drives revenues, profits, cash flow and shareholder value. This type of learning content, once time- and cost-prohibitive for all employees, is now available on demand, effectively and efficiently.

    iQue Group offers customized business acumen learning solutions for every level and function within your organization. Our workshops and engagements provide your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to make better business decisions in the areas of:

    Strategic Thinking and Planning
    Financial Management and Metrics of Business Performance
    Competitive and Market Analysis
    Marketing, Marketing Management, and Social Media Marketing

    Although business acumen training can be delivered “out of the box”, iQue Group recommends that we customize the materials to suit your business needs.

  • Business Leadership

    Build effective business leaders.

    To succeed in a challenging economic climate, your company needs effective business leadership to execute strategies and drive results. Business leadership is the process of effectively executing strategy through people. Once time- and cost-prohibitive for all employees, business leadership learning is now available on demand, effectively and efficiently.

    iQue Group offers customized business leadership learning solutions for every level and function within your organization, from executives to first-time leaders. Our workshops and engagements provide your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to become better business leaders by developing skills in areas such as:

    Understanding personality styles
    Aligning around strategy
    Coaching and feedback
    Resolving conflict
    Change management

    Although business leadership training can be delivered “out of the box”, iQue Group recommends that we customize the materials as your business needs dictate.

  • Coaching

    Lead your staff to greater heights.

    iQue Group’s one-day Coaching Workshop integrates conceptual feedback and coaching skills with the application of those skills.

    The workshop focuses on first-line field managers (but can be customized for other first- and second-line managers) and helps them apply feedback and coaching skills. When managers who attend the workshop effectively apply their newfound skills, your organization will benefit from short-term and long-term improvements in the overall performance of field-based employees.

    This workshop will help your managers:

    Understand the valuable role of training, coaching and feedback in improving overall performance
    Effectively apply various types of feedback
    Employ the right steps to coach and train others
    Deliver feedback in a way that is open, honest, clear, specific and actionable, resulting in higher levels of performance
    Provide coaching that enables employees to take ownership for their development – assessing themselves, brainstorming solutions and taking action that results in improvement
    Apply training, coaching and feedback strategies to real-world situations that occur within the roles they perform
  • Communication/Presentation

    Speak, lead and inspire.

    What can achieve a 23,900% increase in the attention span of a squirrel? A nut!

    As listeners, our attention spans are more like a squirrel’s than you might think. iQue Group’s world-renowned communication consultant explains how message ingredients make your message the “nut” for your listeners. Following a simple recipe, your employees can apply this time-tested persuasive strategy to any presentation, sales call, conversation, interview or negotiation.

    iQue Group offers the following four workshops on communication and presentation, all incorporating a strong persuasive strategy with presentation and delivery skills:

    Elements of Persuasion
    Presentation Skills
    Executive Presentation Skills
    Presenting Technical Data
  • Consulting

    Build lasting business relationships.

    Building lasting relationships with your internal customers can go a long way to getting things done.

    Through iQue Group’s Consulting Fundamentals course, participants learn the essentials to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with internal or external customers. The program consists of two paths, one for individuals and one for managers, each including a one-day workshop with optional add-ons, such as self-assessment, ebooks and follow-up webinars. All material is built on a strong, yet simplistic, consulting framework of Initiate, Discover, Create, Deliver and Monitor.

  • Strategic Business Selling™

    Develop business people, not just sales people.

    In any business climate, every organization needs effective sales professionals to understand the needs of customers and present a value proposition that will meet their needs. Strategic Business Selling™ is the process of effectively preparing to sell from a business perspective by asking effective questions, initiating a business needs dialogue and positioning value to the right decision makers. iQue Group makes this vital content easily accessible to all employees on demand, effectively and efficiently.

    iQue Group offers customized strategic business selling learning solutions for all sales professionals. Our workshops and engagements provide the knowledge and the tools your sales professionals need to improve their performance by developing skills in:

    Business Acumenn
    Preparing to Sell
    Initiating the Sales Processs
    Understanding Customer Needs from a Business Perspective
    Positioning Value to the Right Decision Maker
  • Trusted Advisor

    There’s a science to building trust.

    Professionals. Teams. Entire organizations. Building trustworthiness at any level can lead to transformations, and iQue Group’s workshops can help you achieve those transformations with programs to fit your organization’s particular needs.

    Team performance starts with individuals and their ability to collaborate. Working with our Trusted Advisor Experts, iQue Group’s workshop can help teach those individuals to be accountable, get past their own fears, be honest, and resolve conflict more quickly and openly. Our programs help you instigate true cultural change in your organization through a trust-centric framework that pulls everyone together.

    We offer three workshops in the area of trust:

    Being Trusted Advisors – a one-day or two-day workshop to help professionals move from being seen as a vendor to a trusted advisor
    Trust-Based Selling – a one-day workshop for salespeople in complex B2B businesses and those selling intangible products and services
    Trust-Based Leadership – a one-day workshop for first-line supervisors and recently promoted managers at every level
  • Virtual Facilitation

    Reach your customers live…anytime, anywhere.

    The shift to live virtual training has accelerated and you need to keep up. Through our virtual facilitation workshops, iQue Group can help your training team, people managers and employees get more out of your virtual learning programs. We offer workshops in two key areas:

    Virtual Training for Presenters and Producers – In this workshop (delivered as an on-site one-day program or through four, virtual sessions of two hours each), your staff will learn how to take their current facilitation experience and apply those skills to virtual facilitation. The program includes four modules:

    Best Practices for the Virtual Trainer
    Presentation Skills for the Virtual Trainer
    Instructional Design Best Practices (for designing virtual training sessions)
    How to Produce/Host an Event

    Getting to Know Adobe Connect – Using Connect Meeting provides the knowledge and hands-on practice facilitators need to create and host Connect meetings. Your facilitators will improve their skills in areas such as scheduling meetings, displaying content in meetings, using audio and video during meetings, customizing the meeting room, interacting with participants and recording meetings, while learning best practices for hosting meetings and managing associated content. The course also includes optional content for creating and managing Connect events.

  • Ethical Leadership

    Lead through ethical business practices.

    The subject of ethics in the business world can be handled in a variety of ways. At one end of the spectrum, it can be a simplistic approach limited to a focus on specific behaviors based on a company's unique policies. At the other end of the spectrum, an ethics discussion can encompass a macro view that aligns your corporate values with individual decision making and behavior and the external world. At iQue Group, we look at both.

    Ethics is a key component of any leader's development within an organization. iQue Group’s two-hour instructor-led course focuses on the place of ethics in an organization and how the standard of ethics is part of your organization's brand. Interactive, hypothetical case studies provoke deep discussion leading to a better understanding of ethical leadership.

  • Leading & Managing Change

    Lead through a time of change and uncertainty.

    Leading and managing change can make a real difference in getting the business results you set out to achieve with change.

    iQue Group’s Leading & Managing change workshop is built on solid and practical change principles and techniques, yet customized to the specific needs of your population. The program can be delivered all at once or in brief modules – virtually or face-to-face – to deliver maximum value to your organization. During the workshop participants learn about three types of change (Organization, Team and Individual) along with practical strategies for managing through change and gaining awareness into change barriers and how to overcome them. The purpose is to achieve desired business outcomes of change initiatives by understanding how to leverage change management approaches, help leaders adopt techniques for approaching change and implement a concrete change approach to drive individual and/or team change.